Wave Relay® Embedded Module

Embedded Module


The ­ Embedded Module forms the most advanced, scalable and efficient Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET) system in the world!

Now in a SWaP form factor, the Embedded Module allows for easy integration into your application, uniting your UAVs, UGVs, and sensors all on a single network.

Furthermore, with the addition of the on board Android™ computer, you will eliminate the need for redundant equipment on your network, saving on both the cost and burden.

Fly Any Drone. Drive Any Robot. Control Any Camera

Bring your unmanned systems into the Wave Relay® Ecosystem, where all UAVs, UGV, sensors, and platforms communicate over the network.

You can now operate your platforms via the MPU5 Radio, watch video feeds, and steer your cameras.

By establishing a network of unmanned systems, swarming and autonomy is now possible meaning that the sky is no longer the limit.

SWaP-Timise Your Unmanned Systems

Unite your unmanned systems communication, computing, and video subsystems into a single SWaP-timised platform.

With the aim to replace separate, specialised equipment from your application, the Embedded Module has been built to perform whilst saving on space, weight, power consumption, engineering time and cost, giving you the much-needed leverage to accomplish the mission.

Transform Your Systems Into A Network

Turn your unmanned systems into network assets by integrating the Embedded Module into your solution.

Each system installed with an Embedded Module extends the Wave Relay® MANET, allowing you and your users to access services such as video or data, on any node from anywhere.

Swarming & Autonomy

With the on board Android™ computer, The Embedded Module provides your unmanned systems with minds of their own.

Run swarming algorithms on board and use the peer-to-peer Wave Relay® MANET for optimised coordination.

Program systems to move into position with real-time PLI data from every node for formation and collision avoidance.

Process sensor data at the source to transmit knowledge instead of a raw data stream to use the Embedded Module as a sensor input to drive machine decisions without human input.

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